Shell's Venture: FarePilot – Rock Mission

Steady Growth Of 110%
More Users Every Week For 6 Months

About Farepilot

Fare Pilot is a Data Platform and Mobile application that aims to help Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers find more customers and get better deals.

An machine learning venture backed by Shell and BCG DV (Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures), it predicts customer demand with live hotspot data to get more fares as well as saving drivers money with great offers. FarePilot is growing in the UK with thousands of active users and have just launched in Los Angeles with plans for rolling out globally.

The Objective

In late 2016, the objective of this brand new app was to acquire, activate and retain users profitably.

Acquisition: Average weekly growth +110%, CAC -92%

Through some research, there were some key discoveries that aided our strategy.

  • Most of these drivers are heavy smartphone users, often using various apps to inform journey times, weather and traffic statistics;
  • They are social media users;
  • Often, they are keen to interact and share ideas with other drivers just like them, whether online or offline, to gain knowledge and find new ways to make more money.

With these in mind, the first step was to launch Facebook campaigns advertising the app.

In addition, we approached these drivers personally. After locating drivers at various hotspots such as airports and train stations in London where we knew many would be circling about waiting for potential customers, we introduced the app personally while focusing on the one key benefit these drivers care the most about – the possibility of earning 30% more income. This direct approach drove more downloads while costing 10% less Facebook.

Capitalizing on the fact that they are a strong community, often engaging with each other, we also spread the word via active online communities, gathering feedback as well as leads.

Activation: Average weekly activation growth +78%

We focused on encouraging the drivers to ask for at least once recommendation via the app. This would allow them to try out the app, and gain confidence in it. In order to achieve this, we created a video tutorial to educate them quickly and simply on how to do this.

Retention: Average weekly retention growth +50%

To communicate with them regularly, we designed a benefit driven message to encourage the user to enable Push Notifications, particularly on iOS devices (iOS apps require a user to grant permission for an app to send them push notifications, while Android does not). Amongst others, the most significant benefit they would receive would be a personalized alert whenever they are 3 minutes away from a hotspot, or to inform them if a major event would be happening at a particular time soon. The clear benefit driven copy drove an increase in the percentage of users who allowed this, increasing from 13% to 65%. This brought them back to the app frequently and we saw a 50% growth every week.

Summary of results

Average weekly Acquisition: + 110%

Reducing CAC by 92%

Average weekly Activation growth: +78%

Average weekly retention growth: +50%


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