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Acquire & Retain Customers

As a growth hacking agency, we can define, acquire, attract and retain the customers your business needs regardless of industry or type (B2B/B2C/B2B2B). Let us develop your growth strategies, and execute them seamlessly for you.

Use Powerful, Proven Methods

We use a unique mix of growth strategies, tactics and techniques tailored to your own business and your type of customers. They include digital advertising (on search engines as well as social media), SEO, email marketing, tracking systems, website optimisation and a lot more.

Execute Growth Hacking

Most companies find it difficult to execute growth hacking because there isn't an internal structure setup to execute fast moving growth strategies. In addition, their teams often lack the entire growth hacking skill-set. We can help with both, while aligning the team's mindset to focus on business, not individual, goals.

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Emoticast: Tunemoji

√Acquisition √ Retention

Shell’s Venture: Farepilot

√ Acquisition √Activation √Retention

+ 503 %

User Acquisition

+ 550 %


+ 604 %

Social Shares
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+ 473 %

User Acquisition

+ 215 %


– 92 %

CAC Reduction
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Here's What They Say

“Rock Mission really helped moved the needle on growth directly by significantly reducing the CPI. They were also great communicators and a team player, helping us to align values and targets across teams. We now know we are on the fastest growth path!”

Francesco Bovoli
CPO - COO Emoticast Ltd

“Rock Mission succeeds in on-time execution of deliverables, having developed winning marketing campaigns with an incredibly tight deadline to drive early stage market validation and user growth. I highly recommend a growth hacking agency to grow any early stage startup.”

Marco Miotto
Head of Product at Salty Commune

“Rock Mission has smashed every single KPI, and delivered way beyond our expectations. More importantly, they have equipped us with a solid growth mindset we can now use to scale and grow the business.”

Andrew Norman
Head of Community, FarePilot

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